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Black Mesa Is A Good Thing

September 16, 2012

If you are here, right now, on this blog, and you’re not a brain in a jar, then you know what Half Life is. Chances are you’ve actually played the game, back in 1998. It was the second best thing that happened to first person shooters, next to Quake. In time, it turned into a genuine classic, spawning a handful of sequels, spin-offs and mods. But, while fans were anxiously waiting for Half Life 3, a group of brilliant people (unimaginatively called Black Mesa Modification Team) came out of their cave — where they hid for almost a decade–, and brought out into the sunlight the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel: Black Mesa. 

Black Mesa
…thank God you’re here!

Shortly put, Black Mesa is a Half Life remake that took 8 years to develop, with updated graphics (it uses the Source engine, which is fine by my standards), better sounds, a few nifty changes here and there, and VERY cool music. I won’t try to hide my excitement, despite the fact it’s not even complete yet, since it’s still missing the Xen levels. Honestly, who gives a fuck? The best parts are there. See for yourself:

Soundtrack download link here:
Credits go to Joel Nielsen.


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  1. thx for the tip dude.. will definitely try this, because half life is on the very very short list of games that left me “wow”.. and you know, today there are tens of games, good games, but getting a “wow” from players is very hard

  2. My pleasure dude!

    Signed “A very Amish guy” ^.^

  3. mane, da` nu m-am descurcat cu source sdk ala de trebuie pe langa joc..adica nici nu am avut prea mult timp acum, dar nu am gasit nimic la liber gen download exe si install.. primele pozitii in serp (stii ce-s serp, nu? :D) erau mai degraba un fel de wiki, de unde iau sdk-ul?

  4. Eu l-am instalat prin Steam si a luat singur SDK-ul. Daca nu, linkul este acesta:

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